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  1. After new patch update on 28 September 2021 the new Weekly/Monthly Membership system was introduced, usability and visual design has been improved.

    Weekly/Monthly Membership rewards are also upgraded. Players can get up to 3 times more rewards.

    Weekly Rewards: 450 diamonds + other rewards worth ~400 diamonds

    Monthly Membership: 2600 diamonds + other rewards worth ~3500 diamonds

    New Interface:

    Optimized visual UI shows the total amount of claimable diamond rewards
    Added new icon to display Super-VIP and other rewards


    The entrance to the Super-VIP interface can be found in the upper-right corner (gold card icon)
    The Super-VIP will be activated when both Weekly and Monthly Memberships are purchased and activated
    The Super-VIP can also be purchased in the Super-VIP interface through Weekly+Monthly Package (this type of activation will last only for 7 days as the automatic purchase consists of 1 Weekly + 1 Monthly membership)

    Membership Discount Store:

    The membership discount store and daily check-in page are on the second tab besides the membership purchase interface
    The membership discount store is a new feature that resembles the Daily Special section in the Store, the Membership Discount Store consists of one free reward and three discounted rewards that only membership players (either weekly or monthly) can purchase
    The prize pool in the Membership Discount Store will be refreshed on a daily basis
    Daily Check-in:

    The Daily Check-in rewards can be claimed after login and are separated by the type of activated membership (Monthly/Weekly/Super-VIP)
    If the player logged in on day 1 but did not claim the daily reward, the reward will be sent through the ingame mail to that player on day 2
    If both weekly and monthly membership are activated, the Claim All button will appear on the bottom-right corner
    Re-Sign Reward:

    The Re-Sign Reward interface can be found on the View All button on the Daily Check-in interface
    If a player did not login during the activated period of the Weekly/Monthly Membership, the due reward of that day can be claimed on the resign page afterward.
    For every resign (one day), one Resign Card is needed. Resign Cards will be automatically sent to players after the membership purchased. Players can only resign rewards that are due in the past 7 days.
    After the Weekly/Monthly Membership expires, players can still use Resign Cards to resign rewards, but also within 7 days limitation.

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