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How to Submit a Request about Free Fire Support?

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How to Submit a Request about Free Fire Support?
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  1. Dear Survivors,


    We have updated our Customer Service website with new functions that will help easier track your requests.

    To be able to submit a request you will need to login to your Free Fire game account first.

    If you open Customer Service website in-game, you will be autologin to website.

    If you use other browser (e.g. Google Chrome), you need to tap on SIGN IN and choose login option.

    When you press on SIGN IN button login page will be shown:

    NOTE: Only players linked accounts will be able to submit requests. If you use a guest account we recommend you to link it to one of the available options (link to FB, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter).

    For players who lost their guest account and would like to restore it, we remind that the game data of the guest account is stored on the device itself and is not stored on our servers. If you lose your device or game data is deleted, there is no way for us to recover it. 


    We recommend to open Customer Service website in other available browser in following cases:

    1. if you encounter issues with SIGN IN (login via FB, Gmail, VK, Huawei, Apple, Twitter) in game.

    2. if you have issues with attachment while submitting the request.


    Once you logged in the main page will be shown.

    1. Tap on arrow next to your Nickname and choose SUBMIT A REQUEST option from dropdown menu:

    2. Choose your game client version (e.g. your region is Singapore):

    3. Fill in your Free Fire account UID and your in-game Nickname:

    4. Choose the type of request from the dropdown list:

    NOTE: Our scope of support is limited to the issues listed above. Requests for issues not listed above and/or submitted wrongly will not be entertained.


    Here’s a brief guide on what to select as the type of problem:

    1. Payment Issue – if you purchased an item and didn’t receive it, the price of items is showing in the wrong currency/USD, and/or you didn’t receive the Special Airdrop

    2. Game Concerns – if you wish to report an Abuse Report, Event Issue or Technical Issue

    • Abuse Report (Verbal Abuse) – If you wish to report another player for Verbal Abuse
    • Event Issue (missing or unable to claim reward) – If you didn’t receive the reward despite completing the requirement
    • Event Issue (unable to access Event Page) – If you encounter a problem with any in-game event
    • Technical Issue –  If you are facing a technical problem

    3. Negative Diamonds – if you encounter negative diamond restriction

    Before submitting a request for this type of issue you may check this article first: Negative Diamonds and Refunded Transactions

    4. Hacker Report – if you wish to report a hacker, simply select “Hacker Report” and provide all the details requested in the form, take note that proof of hack is required


    NOTE: To avoid delays in your requests, please ensure that you select the correct “Type of Problem” when submitting a request. 


    Our Ticket form will automatically ask for the required information for our Customer Service Team to assist you. Only requests with ALL the required information will be processed.


    How to check my requests and replies from CS?

    Tap on your Nickname and choose My Requests from dropdown list.

    You will see all your requests here:

    You may tap/click on the request and check the reply from CS:

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