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How to protect site being banned from Google Adsense?

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  1. How to protect your Google Adsense account?

    1. Optimize your site for Google or Bing search, and try to gain as much search traffic as you can.
    2. Stop Clicking on Your Own Ads, if you’re doing so.
    3. To Avoid Invalid Social Traffic; Go to Xoomato URL guard, sign it, and get your social-sharable link from the dashboard.
    4. Do not request your audience to click on your own ads.
    5. Purge all the Forbidden Content (Adult content, Alc0hol, Copyrights, Gambling and games, Healthcare and medicines, Political content, Financial services and Trademarks) by Google Adsense in your blog.
    6. Don’t try to gain paid traffic, that’s not good for the health of your Google Adsense.

    What should be done to further protect your Google Adsense?

    1. Promote your blog all over the internet, as much as you can.
    2. Keep updating your site, and keep writing new fresh high-quality content
    3. Make a connection with your audience via comments and replies
    4. Try to optimize your site structure and site speed
    5. Make your site look good and smooth

    These are the very essential steps you should take to make your Google Adsense safe and secure.

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