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How Players add there Free Fire Profile on Google?

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How Players add there Free Fire Profile on Google?
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2 Answers

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    Hello Garena Free Fire India

    Free Fire Players can Easily Add There Free Fire Profile on Google.

    Create a account here to Become a Free Fire Community Member

    Follow the Step :

    1. Click on MENU option or Click Here>

    2. Enter Post Title (Ex. Ajju Bhai Free Fire ID, Stats, Contact, Youtube Channel Earnings..)

    3. Select Category > Free Fire Profile

    4. Enter Tag( Releated Words or Free Fire ID)

    5. Select Free Fire Main Profile ID Photo (Where UID, Ranks, Elite Pass Shown).

    6. Enter Details about Yourself (Gaming and Personal Lifestyle) :

    Ex. Your Game Name | Your Youtube Channel Name and Link | Your Social Media Profile Links |Real Life Story and Your Free Fire Details ( Clash Squad Rank, Classic Rank and Stats, Total KD rate.)

    Example >

    Your Profile will be Posted on Google in 30-50 Minutes .

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