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can i get Verified Badge in Free Fire – Community?

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can i get Verified Badge in Free Fire – Community?
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3 Answers

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    Welcome to Free Fire Community,

    Do you need a Verified Badge on Your Profile? Don’t Worry!

    Create a New Account  and Complete your Profile properly.


    • Upload your avatar image
    • Add your profile credential
    • Follow 5 users
    • Ask your first question
    • Answer 3 questions

    after completing the profile : REQUEST FOR VERIFIED BADGE.

    Thank You!

    Free Fire Community.

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  2. To get ‘v’ batch you have to apply for parter program -
    ▸ Vibrant YouTube channel with over 1,00,000 subscribers

    80% Free Fire content in the last 30 days

    ▸ Minimum 3,00,000 channel views over last 30 days

    ▸ Consistency in social media activity & content quality

    ► Clean, non-offensive & Engaging Content

    ▸ Professionalism & willingness to work hard

    ▸ Passion for gaming & drive to succeed together

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